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PFVapes & Article 20 of the TPD

PF Vapes Ltd. will continue to trade after the introduction of the ludicrous legislation, regardless of the outcome.

Remember, all the flavourings used in our liquid have already been individually examined in a laboratory, and certified free of the Diketones Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin.

Documentation is available on request

All our Vaporizer liquids will be offered without ANY NICOTINE which makes them not eligible for legislation under the TPD

This will mean all your flavours will still be available in 30ml Bottles, but as a flavored vapor, not as a nicotine product


We will of course offer nicotine containing liquids as long as EU and UK law permits


Stuart Harper


PF Vapes. Ltd

Nevertheless please support the Totally Wicked challenge Say No To Article 20!


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  • Peter Bielecki says:

    Very significant to state that your juices contain no Diketones, I see US juice companies still saying some juices contain this and that usually the Acetyl Propionyl. Some UK juice vendors say nothing about this which is a shame. Wish you well in the coming year through all the TPD nonsense!

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