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MrTeaTime of POTV reviews – Etons Mess

Review from POTV’s MrTeaTime

*To be transparent MrTeaTime was sent these juices FOC, but has dedicated a substantial amount of time involved with the development of both the flavour profiles and ideal parameters for these to be vaped at**

So here’s juice for those of you that love your tanks…..and like good old English deserts….

Etons Mess comes from a range of juices made in small batches by our very own @pfvapes, in small batches using only high grade and high quality ingredients.

There are a good few juices over at www.pfvapes.co.uk from Etons Mess, to a very very decent Bakewell Tart…

So, first up is Etons Mess…

Equipment used….

TFV4 with the RBA deck, which contains a set of @cloudcuckoo‘s fucking awesome dual fused claptons….at 0.65ohms and 40 watts….

So what is Etons Mess? Well, it’s a mix of strawberrys, thick double cream and merengue…..mix it all up into a mess, and that’s an Etons Mess…

And this juice isn’t that far from that basic idea. The strawberry is a nice fruity and not to sweet strawberry, that’s lifted with a nice creamy (I get an almost milky) cream

But there are a little bit more to this…the merengue has almost a toffee like flavour that is really really good. I tended to get this more at the end of the in hale, with the strawberrys and cream coming first.

For a 70 vg 30 vg juice, there is plenty of clouds and flavour too. And for those of you that like your Gennys, this is a bit of a flavour extravaganza, in my in’ax I was getting an almost baked merengue, with creamy strawberrys….i was getting an almost completely different experience with a genny.

If your stuck in a rut for juices, and want to whack something a little bit different in your tank, then I can highly recommend these juices .


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