Karma Frappe

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Just the right amount of Italian espresso coffee blended with caramel, heavy cream and something else that adds a delicious depth

Made with Pharma grade Nicotine,  Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine 

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Overall flavour profile:

Just the right amount of Italian espresso coffee blended with caramel, heavy cream and something else that adds a delicious depth


On Cotton:

Caramel, coffee and a rounded creaminess, a deep not sweet vape

On Mesh:

Complex coffee aroma with an earthy deep quality – another mesh favourite


Zero & 3mg juice is a 70VG/30PG blend for glorious flavourful clouds

6mg and above comes in a more MTL friendly 60VG/40PG blend

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 15 mm
Nicotine Content

3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg


10ml, 30ml

4 reviews for Karma Frappe

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike (verified owner)

    So I’ve reached my last juice review for Phileas Fogg Sub Juices. This week has been very interesting trying out the selection of flavours on offer and so far I have been very impressed. It’s time for what I think is the most divisive flavour I have come across.

    The juices I purchased were 10ml bottles priced at £3.99 with free delivery on orders over £30. There are discount codes available so its always worth checking the POTV site or maybe contacting Stuart from @pfvapes to see if any offers are available.

    As always I am using an Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus with an iSub Apex tank, 2.0Ω Innokin Kanthal/Japanese Cotton coil at between 10 and 14W with a mouth to lung vaping style as is my preference. I have not tested this juice on a sub Ω setup because I don’t enjoy the experience this offers so your milage may vary.

    For each juice flavour review I am using a clean tank and new coil to avoid flavour contamination from previous juices. I also have a bottle of water to hand between wattage changes to help me better judge the taste.

    Before ordering I had some questions regarding the presence of Diketones in the liquids from Phileas Fogg. These were answered very quickly with a resounding no, all the liquids from PF are Diketone free. Since I point blank refuse to vape any juice containing or not willing/able to declare that it is Diketone free this was great news. I placed my order for a dozen bottles and within 36hrs they were at my door. Great service indeed.

    Karma Frappe 6mg:
    Firstly I have to say I am a huge coffee fan and have quite a bit of coffee making gear like french presses and filters. I simply cannot get by without my morning black coffee to kick start my brain! With that in mind I have been really looking forward to this one. Upon opening a velvety coffee bean aroma instantly popped out, more ground beans than brewed coffee. The liquid itself is pretty much clear with a slight brown hue. I loaded up the Apex and started at 10W. This was the moment my mind was instantly transported back to Christmas 1989. I know this taste, its Cadbury Roses Coffee Creme chocolates. A personal favourite of mine from childhood and this just took me back like a flux capacitor! Rich, slightly sweet, chocolate coffee with a creamy exhale.
    I increased the power and the flavour intensified nicely along with the vapour production all the way up to 14W. Very smooth and moreish. This did not disappoint and I really didn’t expect the time-travel, fantastic 10/10.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent coffee vape. This is one I keep in reserve (although I have been known to vape it all day). After a mixed day of vaping cereals, sweets and custards and fruits, I bring this one out and easily get through 10 or 20ml in a session. Luxury sweet coffee with caramel, maybe like a frappuccino (I think, don’t often drink fancy coffees). Does it keep me awake at night? No. Does it reduce my real coffee intake? No. Does it make me smile when I vape it? Definitely!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    oh_edward (verified owner)

    Ooh hell yeah this packs a punch of flavour! I’m not at all a coffee vape enthusiast – though drinking it is a different matter of course. But this juice is unlike any other coffee vape I’ve tasted before. The coffee vibe is present but it’s not a one trick pony at all… the smoothness of the cream draws the coffee back and allows the vape to be rich without being overly intense. Definitely an indulgent evening treat, though could easily be an ADV as well.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael (verified owner)

    I have been vaping on and off since 2008 so have tried a lot of juices including many coffee ones, so much so that I after so many disappointing ones including organic ones, and even ones where the box and packaging must cost more than the contents etc etc
    I only try very few now due to the cost factor and disappointment when the flavour is either very artificial (with chemically tasting undertones is a frequent occurrence I have found) or just very bland?

    Anyhow I came across this liquid totally by accident after watching a review for something else and as I have not binned a coffee juice for a while and reading the reviews it sounded very good (not always a indication of what you get but was enough to get my interest and read more) I took the plunge and ordered a 30ml bottle!

    It arrived promptly a couple of days later in a nicely designed plastic bottle with squeeze tip, so no messing and ready to go!

    Onto the vape! As soon as I dripped this in my freshly wicked RDA and gave a quick burst of power to help soak in the juice I got the aroma of freshly brewed coffee like my bean to cup machine makes, surely a good sign???

    As soon as I took my first inhale I knew this was a winner, with espresso bean goodness and just enough cream to smooth the taste but not overpowering the coffee as this is the main star in this juice! On the exhale you get more thick cream and the unmistakable coffee bean very slight bitterness, just as it should be with a good espresso leaving the smooth cream and coffee as an aftertaste!

    I can finally stop searching for coffee liquids as this is as good as it gets for me, and anyone searching for a proper real coffee hit need look no further

    5***** 10/10!

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