“The Purist” – for SC Aromamizer

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This pack contains: 1 pair of GENUINE The Purist” coils from CUCKOO COILS  to suit the SC Aromamizer  & MUJI Japanese organic cotton

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A very simple build of single core Clapton coils consisting of a 26g core wire wrapped in a 35g outer, all KA1 kanthal. Intended for a vertical install the legs are in the approximate position for a plug and play install. Some say the steam crave little beauty flourishes with a 3mm inner diameter coil, we’ve gone for a 2.5mm inner. The 2 main reasons for this are its aids ramp time and makes the install that little bit easier with no loss in performance. These coils are 6 wraps per coil & ohm out at 0.33-0.35 for the pair.



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